About ‘Rock Guitar Heroes’

  • Stunning guide to the greatest rock guitarists ever.
  • Ideal for aspiring guitarists and music fans.
  • Over 150 fabulous illustrations and photos.
  • Recommended tracks, with lists and reference section in the back.
  • Foreword by Guitar hero, Brian May.
Featuring over 180 of the world’s greatest guitar superstars, Rock Guitar Heroes is a definitive guide to those guitarists whose talents helped change the face of music forever and touched the lives of millions.

From the heroes of classic blues rock with the likes of Hendrix, Clapton, Page and Beck to modern artists such as Jack White and Matt Bellamy, this comprehensive catalogue of guitarists covers a wide range of musical styles. Learn what inspired them to create the music that led to their legendary status, how they achieved such greatness and the tools they used to get to the top. Supported by over 200 superb images that bring each page to life and capture the power and emotion behind the music, this is the ideal book for any aspiring guitar hero, and will satisfy even the most die-hard of music fans.

Foreword by Bryan May. With a musical career spanning four decades, Queen founding member May is a world-renowned guitarist and songwriter, with production and performance credits on recordings, that have sold in excess of 100 million copies worldwide

Rusty Cutchin is a musician, recording engineer, producer and journalist. As a journalist he has been technical editor of Guitar One, associate editor of Electronic Musician and editor-in-chief of Home Recording Magazine. As a recording engineer he has worked on records by artists including Mariah Carey, Richie Sambora and Yoko Ono. He has been a consulting editor and contributor to several Flame Tree books.

Contributing Authors: Hugh Fielder (editor and author), Mike Gent (author and sleevenote writer), Michael Mueller (guitarist, author, editor) and David Simons (musician and journalist).