1990s Rock and Guitar Playlist

Grunge, Brit-pop wars and MTV unplugged provided a mix of back-to-basics rock and polished acoustic classics, Meanwhile pop stars gained celebrity status and some acts flirted with downloads, webcasts and early forms of social media.

This great playlist offers Radiohead and Pulp, Oasis and Pearl Jam, alongside a blast of Green Day.



21st Century Rock and Guitar Playlist

The new century saw acts of previous decades resurge in popularity, while rap added its dynamic to the melting pot and the genre continued to widen its appeal, with the download generation ensuring the success of guitar driven bands despite wall-to-wall manufactured pop.

The playlist below veers between the soft soapy success of Coldplay to the raw energy of Eminem, Kings of Leon and Foo Fighters.



1980s Rock and Guitar Playlist

The 1980s saw a breakdown fight between indie guitar bands, hard rock and the onslaught of synthesizer chaos for the lofty heights of chart success.

Here’s a great playlist from the eclectic era of melancholic rock: from the indie sound of The Pixies and The Smiths, to the sweet bombast of Guns ‘n’ Roses.